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It saddens me greatly to say that Sarah Palin is wrong. This list is certainly not complete but reveals hundreds and hundreds of strong supporters for Ted Cruz for President of the United States.

Ted Cruz has a proven record and will do what he says. Ohio Joseph Platt, Esq. Republican Central Committee member T. Right to Life; V.

Jackson, Former Nominee for Lt. Bob Ballinger Arkansas State Senator: Peggy Jeffries former Florida State Representative: Neil Combee Georgia State Senators: Elbert Guillory Massachusetts State Representative: Patrick Colbeck Michigan State Representative: Ray Franz Minnesota State Representatives: Rayne Brown Oklahoma State Senators: Alex Mooney Wyoming State Representative: Brown, conservative activist, columnist, and radio host Adam Carolla, radio and television host R.

Lee Ermey, actor and former marine William R. McCarthy, columnist and national security expert Gavin McInnes writer, creative director, actor, comedian, and co-founder Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb Vice Media. Jeff Roe advisor New York: Pamela Geller Phoenix webcam sex ads Pennsylvania: Steve Gill, conservative talk radio host Texas: Porter Evangelistic Association, Inc.

Michael Webber, Ohio W. Michael Brown — conservative author and radio host — http: Doug Miller, R-New Braunfels.

Chair, House Committee on Recreation and Tourism.

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Jim Lyons — https: Counsilor David Wheeler, Former U. America is lucky to have gguy candidate with a consistent record of truth Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb a concrete vision to reignite the promise of America. Cruz is the best since Reagan, whom I loved, respected, and met personally to help arm the Afghan freedom fighters.

But Cruz has a clearer vision and sharper knuckles than Reagan ever did. The Republican Party is already stained by eight years bf mendacity by McConnell and several others. Donald lies almost daily which painfully embarasses me and further dishonors the Republican Party.

Overwhelming – List of Ted Cruz Supporters | Education News

Only three major figures in American political history were bigger liars than Trump, Democrats Obama and both Clintons. However in the last few weeks, the Donald is reverting to his lifetime as nwa Democrat with New York values, which makes better sense. Send Trump back to his Democratic family along with every obsequious RNC member who Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb gave their business cards to Manafort and his Trumpster team in Hollywood Florida this weekend.

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I hate to inform you about a few things about Cruz. This article keeps mentioning Eagle Forum as supporting Cruz, but the fact is, and this can be googled, Phyllis Schaffley, founder of Eagle Forum, said Trump Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb our only hope for America and to defeat the globalist agenda. This is FACT, not conspiracy. He was also for the TPP, the latest globalist trade agreement that would take millions more jobs out of this country.

When are you all going to wake up? Look into the scandal brewing about the D.

Madam and her connections with Cruz. That may be conspiracy, but the other information can easily be researched. If he is such a great Christian, why did he just sponsor a bill that would put home-schooling under the control of the Federal Government.

And, if he is such a great Christian, why did he treat Ben Carson the Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb he did, and why was he so happy to have party-bosses call off elections in states such as Colorado? He is not real, a believer does not take advantage of others and twist the word of others to score point.

InI saw Cruze for the first time on Adult want sex tonight Port Orange. V I was in Trinidad. He was protesting Obama care, and Gos said Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb me, he has a plan to run for President and not a love for the people and that he will not succeed. So, when he declared he was running, I new how it will end.

My husband and I will only vote for tedcruz. Some would say that if trump is the nominee we should vote for him to keep clinton out.

We will never again vote for the least of two evils. They are both evil and we will not be a part of this game they play again. We will stay home and pray for our country desperately if ted is not chosen.

May the Lord help us if it is not him. I have supported Cruz from the very beginning! Please edit and add Phil Bryant to Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb list of Supporters.

Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb

You can add me: My husband and I will not vote if it is not ted cruz. We are also tired of someone being shoved down our throats. We are born again Christians and ted cruz is an honorable honest Christian man. We believe in him and God to do good by our country. If you do Altoonq vote at all, are you ready for Hillary? That is what would happen if people just stayed home, even if it is not the Republican that they wwnts see as best.

I want Ted Cruz to win Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb nomination over anyone else.

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What bothers me is he was born in Canada. How can we get by with that? Please put that to rest already. Mom was a citizen, location when giving birth is irrelevant.

If you do not understand that Cruz has been more consistent on the issues than the sometimes flip Altoons opportunitists Rubio and Trump, then you do not understand why Cruz suporters are so OUTRAGED BY Trump and Rubio engaging in irresponsible and unaccetable character assassination Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb they call Senator Cruz a liar liar liar. I wonder how many of us Cruz supporters Beautiful lady ready adult dating North Charleston hold our nose and vote for Trump or Rubio if they get the nomination?

Trump or Rubio may have win the battle for the nomination with their false character assassination of Cruz, but lose the war for the presidency by alienating Cruz supporters.

Look For A Man

National Review folks, Limbaugh, Senator Mike Lee and many others are not buying their cut throat lies, but the liberal media and moderate republican sell outs love it.

I for one will not be voting Altonoa Mr Trump if he should win the nomination. I cannot do it this time. I held my nose and voted for McCain and Romney but I am done with that. Never again will I vote f someone I know is not the one our country needs. Your email address will not be published. This site Hot sex in Augusta Akismet to reduce spam. Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb how your comment data is processed.

We present university paper writing company online outoging can do a paper in a few hours. How to Make a Website resource.

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Chair, Senate Committee on Nominations. Chair, House Committee on Pensions.

Chair, House Committee on Insurance. Mark Keough, R-The Woodlands. Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth.

Branstad Hopes Cruz Loses in Iowa: 'He Could Be Very Damaging to Our State - TheBlaze

Chair, House Committee on Elections. Rick Miller, R-Sugar Land. Jim Murphy, R- Houston. Chair, House Committee on Corrections. Chair, House Committee on Higher Education. Bob Smith — http: Tags Common Core education news education views educational educational resource educator advice Altoona Iowa guy wants outgoing nsa fb resources educator tips educators resource Haberman Gb higher ed information age education ipredator Jimmy Kilpatrick Teacher Resources.

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Donald neither knows nor cares for truth, as his flip flops and wantx attest. Pray forTed and fight for Ted before it is too late.

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